Biolink Working Group (BLWG)

The BLWG objective to identify natural corridors within Ashbourne’s Campaspe River environs as well as the broader Ashbourne precinct to promote and develop wildlife habitats; to increase connectivity to support and enhance the biodiversity of the Ashbourne area.

BLWG PROJECT – Jock’s Gully Biolink

As an outcome of a Ashbourne Landcare Group workshop held at Marsh Court in 2021 a proposal to create a 2km biolink running south along Jocks Gully, from Einsporns Road, continuing south beyond Ashbourne Road has been develop and is now in action.

Securing a grant through DELWP the BLWG is working with 3 private landowers to protect 2km of land to help promote biodiversity within the area. Detailed planning and delivery of this project includes:

· Stock proof fencing (including access) of the sites

· Noxious weed spraying

· Sourcing and planting plans

· Planting and protection of xx thousand plants

· Community engagement and planting days with Smoking Ceremony and Welcome to Country Education days with Woodend Primary School and Melbourne Grammar Camp.

Partners and thanks to: MRSC and Krista Patterson-Majoor, DELWP.

BLWG PROJECT – Ashbourne Natural Connections

In line with the overall ALG vision and aims Ashbourne Natural Connections is about:

· Providing habitat connections though the upper Campaspe catchment and to Wombat Forest

· Addressing the impacts of climate change

· Protecting and increasing biodiversity in the Ashbourne district including - flora, fauna, fungi

· Improving water quality in the Campaspe River and its tributaries

· Providing sustainable farming benefits and property amenity

This project includes a four pronged approach which seeks to inform, involve and educate the ALG community about our biolink master planning objectives. Activities currently in progress include:

· Creation of a 6 page coloured brochure setting out Biolink objectives for distribution to members and the wider community.

· Development of a Living Document template to record all Biolink projects and activities – this aims to promote the work we are doing to encourage further participation and assist with planning of future work.

· Production of a short video to communicate to ALG members and wider community benefits and examples of biodiversity projects.

· Ecological assessments of 12 landholder's smaller properties to highlight their natural attributes.

Partners and thanks to: DELWP, Mark Lamble,

To get involved - Contact BLWG Convenor.