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Ashbourne Landcare Group

About Us

Ashbourne Landcare Group is an active group of residents from in and around the Ashbourne area, who are interested in caring for the flora, fauna and fungi of this special landscape. 
We want to foster sustainable natural and agricultural environments.  Members are people who care for the environment, be they farmers, renters, tree changers, weekenders, townsfolk and more!

We aim to create an area that is more supportive of native wildlife and vegetation by encouraging local farmers and landholders to undertake management practices that are both environmentally and economically sustainable. 

Our Community

We have an active Committee that meets between 5 and 7 times per year and  sub-committees which meet regularly throughout the year.  There are also a number of Work/Interest Groups which relate to projects,the special interests of our Members and to our maintenance of the Ashbourne and Marsh Court Reserves.  We aim to care for and protect the headwaters of the Campaspe River, rising in the Wombat Forest, beginning its journey to the Murray River by flowing through our important catchment.

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Our Resources

We have a range of resources available to be utilised by our members and the community. 

View tools, equipment, articles, links news and more!

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