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Weed Action Group (WAG)

ALG is committed to controlling gorse and woody weeds on roadsides, private and public land areas within the Ashbourne area. Our weed action group is focused on assisting our members to identify and control weeds. Over the past decade this group has secured grant funding enabling landholders to invest in over $200,000.00 of on-ground weed control works in our district. We can offer knowledge, equipment and opportunities to access funding to members working on controlling weeds on their properties.

WAG Project – 2021 Gorse Program


The WAG has secured funding to support private landowners in the Ashbourne Area to treat gorse infestations on their land. A presentation by Airpac Solutions on gorse spraying via done was organised for the program participants for landowners to plan and budget for their gorse treatment work.


CTA - Contact WAG Convenor – details TBCs

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