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Our District

The Ashbourne Landcare district straddles the upper Campaspe River catchment terrain.
Our Landcare district is bounded by the Woodend-Tylden Road to the North, Harpers Road to the East, Falloons Road to the West.   The headwaters of the Campaspe River rise on the northern slope of the Great Dividing Range within the Wombat Forest.  This southern area is loosely defined by Gleeds Lane, Firth Road, Boldiston Road and Burnt Mill Road.

Our Projects & Working Groups

Ashbourne Landcare Group has an active committee that meets five to seven times per year, holding member events such as field days and working bees, informative and social get-togethers, funded projects to revegetate and enhance existing natural habitat, gorse eradication programs, flora and fauna surveys.


ALG is committed to restoring and maintaining several public reserves along the Campaspe River, including Marsh Court Reserve and the Ashbourne Reserve in partnership with local/regional authorities.


Ashbourne Landcare has several subcommittees: the Weed Action Group, The Biolink Work Group. The WAG group was set up in 2012  to tackle the area's extensive gorse and blackberry infestations through landholder engagement.

This successful program has involved over 40 landholders signing up for three-year weed removal plans.

You can view our latest video, covering a brief history of the ALG and our most prominent projects.

See our map below and click for more info:


2012- 2014

Protection - Campaspe River Riparian Zone

2012- 2022

Caring for Campaspe - Campaspe Protection & Enhancement - Ashbourne

2017- 2019

Off River Biolink corridors across ALG district

2021- 2022

Restoration of Biolinks along Jocks Gully


Annual working bees to maintain and revegetate public reserves

  • Marsh Court Reserve

  • Ashbourne Rd Reserve



2012- ongoing

WAG - Weed Action Group

Victorian Gorse Taskforce


2021- 2022

Ashbourne Connections

Ecological Survey of 12 ALG  properties

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