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Working Bees & Interest Groups

Working Groups are created, developed and run by Ashbourne Landcare Group members. These are groups of members who work together to plan and deliver projects that aim to meet the overall objectives of ALG. We have a number of Work/Interest Groups that relate to projects, the special interests of our Members and our maintenance of the Ashbourne and Marsh Court Reserves. 

We encourage working groups to link together to benefit from the cross-pollination of ideas, resources, increased clout for funding opportunities, more faces and enjoyment.

ALG is always open to the creation of new working groups that meet the needs and interests of members and align with ALG objectives. If you have an idea, discuss it with a committee member to see how you can get a group started! There are convenors for all working groups responsible for working to the agreed Terms of Reference agreed by the ALG Committee.

You can view some of our working groups and their current projects below!

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